Avengers 4 Trailer Release Date May’ve Been Hidden In Post-Credits Of Infinity War


Marvel Studios have a way of turning the promotion for each new release into a journey in itself, and this is nowhere more apparent than in the lead-up to Avengers 4. In recent weeks, for instance, the Russo Brothers have been dropping cryptic hints on what to expect from the follow-up to Infinity War, with each one provoking its own wave of speculation.

So perhaps it’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that the films themselves could contain clues on when some major promotion for the sequel will be dropping, and the promotion doesn’t get much bigger than the first Avengers 4 trailer. In fact, one fan on Twitter feels that the post-credits scene to Infinity War may have subtly displayed the exact date on which this new footage will be coming our way.

User Michael McCarthy 18KB’s tweet reads as follows:

“I can see the trailer for #Avengers4 dropping on November 8th. Why do you ask? Because 11:8 is on the license plate when Nick Fury turn to Ash in #InfinityWar #Marvel #hopefullynotJanuary18th. #EagleEyeFan @Russo_Brothers”

Though this sounds unlikely enough already, another Twitter user responded with a screenshot from Fury’s scene where the license place looks to be “718,” rather than “118.” So there goes that idea, but points for thinking outside of the box.

All the same, while this theory may not hold up to scrutiny, November 8th wouldn’t be the worst guess for when the trailer could be coming our way. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has himself said that the feature’s first teaser would be dropping “towards the end of the year,” and 2018 will be looking pretty old in a month’s time.

There’s also a good chance that the preview will coincide with the long overdue revelation of the movie’s title, at which point the next big milestone in the promotion of Avengers 4 will arguably be the release of the film itself, which we already know to be on May 3rd, 2019.

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