Archived Interview Points To Major Plot Twist For Avengers 4


Spare a thought for Joe and Anthony Russo.

Whereas the summer blockbusters of yesteryear had the innate ability to leave their audience on a knife-edge without facing intense scrutiny from the Internet – think how Empire Strikes Back left Han Solo frozen in carbonite for three whole years – the Russo Brothers continue to be quizzed about everything and anything relating to Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel.

Simply known as Avengers 4 for the time being, Marvel’s conclusive blockbuster has been the subject of heated debate online, and there’s not a day that passes without some sort of speculative theory making its way onto the web. The latest comes to us by way of Reddit user ‘ilurkthingsreborn’ (h/t The Huffington Post), who’s posted a series of alleged story tidbits, beginning with the assertion that Avengers 4 will feature time travel, as the founding members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes confront the ghosts of MCU past in order to undo Thanos’ finger snap. Buckle up, this is where the fun begins…

Still with us? Well, according to this particular theory, Avengers 4 places a big focus on Steve and Tony’s fractured relationship, while Nebula is about to enjoy a full-blown character arc, culminating at the moment when she fights her “past, evil self.” Other tidbits include the all-but-inevitable return of Hulk, while Captain America is said to wield Mjolnir just as he joins Thor Odinson to confront Thanos.

But perhaps more than anything else, the Redditor’s biggest curveball comes when the theory alludes to a second possible Infinity Gauntlet that is constructed by Stark and friends. In doing so, they travel back in time to assemble all six Infinity Stones long before the Mad Titan comes to town, which, if true, hints that things are about to get pretty confusing come 2019.

“There is a scene with Hawkeye running with the Stark Infinity Gauntlet from something, wasn’t told what. And yes I was told that the plan is for the Avengers to the make their own Gauntlet and that they will gather the stones throughout the past. However this ends up changing things slightly for post A4. The Avengers get the stone from the first Guardians of the Galaxy before Star-Lord retrieves it thus changing their movies entirely.”

Infinity War IMAX 2

Which brings us to the archived interview with Joe and Anthony Russo. As reported by The Huffington Post, two years ago the filmmakers were asked if Steve Rogers will ever be worthy to wield Mjolnir – remember, Cap managed to move Thor’s mystical hammer ever so slightly in Age of Ultron – so there’s precedent for this particular story nugget.

Anthony Russo: “That might be a question for future storytellers.”

Joe Russo added: “[That] might be a little too specific for us to answer.”

Too specific because it’s a major plot point of Avengers 4? Maybe, but we’ll have to wait until the sequel touches down in 2019 before we get a definitive answer.

Source: Reddit