Avengers 4 Theory Explains Why Hawkeye And Nick Fury Can’t Be Skrulls


When it was announced last year that Captain Marvel would finally introduce the shapeshifting aliens known as the Skrulls into the MCU, fans were ecstatic, as it paved the way for an adaptation of the Secret Invasion comic book storyline at some point down the road.

For those who don’t know, the arc saw the Skrulls using their abilities to take the place of several key individuals from Earth – including some of the Avengers. It would make for a great movie and many believe that though it’s still a few years off, some of the set-up for it could happen in next May’s Avengers 4. Already, speculation has run rampant about which of our favorite heroes may be revealed to be Skrulls, but perhaps we should be looking at things the other way. Perhaps we should ask ourselves, who can we definitely rule out as being a Skrull?

At least, that’s what a new theory over on Reddit puts forth, as it presents a compelling case for why Nick Fury, Hawkeye and War Machine cannot be Skrulls. And it all has to do with their medical history.

If you’ll recall, all three individuals have been medically examined in the past. With Fury, it was back in The Winter Soldier after the titular assassin tried to kill him, while Hawkeye was badly injured in Age of Ultron and examined by Dr. Helen Cho. Rhodey, meanwhile, had an MRI in Civil War after falling from the sky.

The common thread here, of course, is that their procedures would’ve revealed alien anatomy if indeed they were Skrulls, and since nothing of the sort was ever mentioned, we can safely cross them off the list. Or at least, that’s what this theory is suggesting. Then again, as someone points out in the comments section, given that Skrulls have green blood, and we haven’t seen any of the heroes bleed anything but red yet, we can actually rule a lot more people out.

Of course, then you have the argument that none of the main Avengers will be revealed to be Skrulls because it would cheapen and undermine their story arcs and character development and erode audience trust. But let’s not go too far down the rabbit hole. For now, all we can do is speculate and hope that at least some of the answers arrive in Captain Marvel, before Avengers 4 drops into theaters on May 4th.