Avengers 4 Theory Says Thanos Will Be Killed By Nebula


While predictions for next year’s Avengers 4 have offered a wide variety of opinions, there are some definite recurring elements amidst all these theories, suggesting a general consensus that certain plot points like time travel are likely to feature in the upcoming blockbuster.

On the other hand, you have theories that go completely against the consensus and argue that directors Anthony and Joe Russo have a devious subversion of expectations lined up. This new Reddit post from user Failedlogic is such a theory, positing a vastly different plot that sees the big bad Thanos exit the picture with what sounds like surprising ease.

The post picks up where Avengers: Infinity War left off, with Nebula and Tony Stark left on Titan together after the Mad Titan’s finger-snap dusted their associates, along with half of all life in the universe.

“After the snappening wasted so many of the people on Titan, Stark and Nebula are the only ones left there. Tony will want to return to earth and ask Nebula to him there. Nebula will demand that Stark help her find and kill Thanos. they will reach an agreement, for passage to Earth, Tony will give her his bleeding edge armor and help integrate into her system. They will part ways after an unknown amount of time traveling through space.”

Apparently, Stark could be the “new BFF” for Nebula that actress Karen Gillan teased last year. If so, then the team-up doesn’t last long, and apparently neither does Thanos.

“Nebula will eventually find Thanos and her character arc will essentially be completed here: Thanos is depressed and lost after getting no satisfaction from his mass genocide. Thanos and Nebula will have some dialogue and fight and Nebula will kill him. No ambiguity, he dies.”

So if the Guardians of the Galaxy regular pulls of this fete herself (possibly in scenes from those recent reshoots), where does that leave the rest of the movie’s ensemble cast? Well, it seems that life goes on.

“Stark will return to earth and find that it has in a short time fundamentally changed. Earth won’t be in anarchy, but it will have completely turned against the ‘super powered’ and also against the likes of Stark Industries and SHIELD.

A technological power vacuum will be in effect and Stark might find that he literally has nothing except for a possibly pregnant wife in hiding (just from the public eye) and a few remaining fews scattered across the globe.

Wakanda will be the hottest topic in the world, with most advanced nations demanding their help, support, and tech. Shuri will likely be queen of Wakanda and struggle with the right choices to make. i’d also say that Captain America will make a full transition into becoming Nomad and work as a spy for Wakanda..”

While this isn’t a bad idea for a story, it still sounds highly anticlimactic for the culmination of the first three Phases of the MCU, especially with the Phase 1 Avengers seemingly playing little part in the final fight. Though much about the Russo Brothers’ next movie remains a mystery, it’s feels safe to assume that the story will very much involve a group effort, just as Infinity War did and both Avengers movies before that. In any case, we’ll find out what fate’s in store for Thanos and his many opponents when Avengers 4 hits theaters in May

Source: Reddit