Karen Gillan Reveals How Nebula Could Kill Thanos In Avengers 4


We don’t know much that’s concrete about Avengers 4 at present, but we can hazard a guess at a few things that will surely have to happen. For one, Thanos must be defeated following his terrible actions in Infinity War. They might’ve currently hit a hiccup, but beating the bad guy is kind of what our heroes do. The big question, though, is who’ll be the one to stop the threat of the Mad Titan once and for all?

A common suggestion by fans is that it’ll be Nebula. After all, following Gamora’s demise, she’s the only family Thanos has left. Tortured, mutilated and turned into a cyborg by her adoptive father, Nebula’s made it her mission since the first Guardians of the Galaxy to kill Thanos, so it’d be fitting if she achieved that goal in Avengers 4.

Interestingly enough, actress Karen Gillan has now revealed how she’d like Nebula to kill the villain if she ever got the chance. Prefacing it with the fact that she was just speaking as a fan in this instance, the actress told the crowd at a Q&A at ACE Comic-Con in Chicago the following:

“I would like to maybe take the Infinity Gauntlet, put it on, and then strangle him with it. And then say like, ‘Bye, Daddy,’ or something.”

Comic book fans may know what Gillan appears to be referencing here. It sounds like the star’s putting her own twist on Nebula’s storyline in the original Infinity Gauntlet event. In the source material, Nebula does indeed get hold of the Gauntlet. She doesn’t kill Thanos with it though but rather, goes a little power-crazy and the Titan’s forced to team up with the Avengers to stop her from conquering the universe.

This turn of events probably wouldn’t fit the MCU version of the character, though, so Gillan’s interpretation of it could work instead. That said, if the actress is comfortable enough talking about this possibility in front of an audience, then we might be able to infer that it won’t happen in Avengers 4. Then again, maybe she’s “pulling a Ruffalo” here and dropping a massive spoiler?

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