Tom Holland Reportedly Gives An Oscar-Worthy Performance In Cherry

Tom Holland

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have kept themselves busy after they finished Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Not only is their production company AGBO Films set to release an action thriller starring Chris Hemsworth on Netflix later this month, but the brothers are also finishing up post-production on a Tom Holland-led crime drama, Cherry

Though the film is said to be almost completed, a trailer is yet to drop, and – given how the coronavirus has shut down theaters and ground worldwide distribution to an indefinite halt – it’s safe to say we’ll have to wait a bit before it does. Fortunately, the Russos are not faced by the challenges the pandemic has posed. And in an interview with, Joe explained how their work is going from home.

“We’ve been editing remotely with our editor,” he said. “We’re just about the locked picture on it and start music and sound on it so it’ll be ready in a few months. The question is, what’s the market going to be? Where we are going to be? When are movie theaters going to reopen? There’s a lot of questions before.”

Based on a novel of the same name by Nico Walker, Cherry will presumably follow the life of a young army veteran who turns to drugs and crime after returning from Iraq during the opioid epidemic. The director was particularly excited about Holland’s role in the film, too, saying:

“I think it’s an Oscar worthy performance,” Joe elaborated. “I think he is absolutely amazing. It is a gut wrenching performance. What he does to himself emotionally and physically is unbelievable. We have a seen an actor in a role like this in a long time. It stands the, you know, the movie stands a decade and this is an epic performance, but that certainly I think we’ll be in the Oscar conversation.”

Of course, every filmmaker loves to hype up their own movie, so whether Holland will make it to the Academy Awards remains to be seen. However, many of the young actor’s fans no doubt have their fingers crossed for him and we can’t wait to get our hands on some footage so we can see for ourselves how he’s fared in his latest role.