Avengers: Endgame Action Figure Reveals That Hulk’s Getting A New Weapon


A batch of images of Avengers: Endgame action figures have found their way online today and they unveil some intriguing new character details about the top secret film. The Hulk toy, for instance, tells us that the Jade Giant will get himself a new weapon in the movie, as the figure comes with an accessory we haven’t seen before.

Seen in the gallery below, Hulk has fashioned himself a kind of makeshift hammer. We’re guessing that the Green Goliath gets jealous of Thor’s Stormbreaker so fixes himself up a version of the Asgardian Titan-killer out of whatever he can find. After all, he’s been eyeing up Mjolnir since The Avengers, so it’s about time he got his own weapon.

It’s also worth noting that Hulk’s wearing one of the matching red, white and black Quantum Realm suits here that a bunch of the heroes will don at some point during the movie. The usage of the suit’s pretty clear, too, as they’re what the remaining Avengers will wear when they enter the Quantum Realm, likely in a bid to go back in time to stop Thanos from ever having collected the Infinity Stones. At least, that’s the overriding theory about Endgame‘s plot.

At some point, then, Hulk must man up and come out, despite ignoring Banner’s pleas in Avengers: Infinity War. While fans thought the big guy was scared of fighting Thanos again, the Russos have explained that he was actually irritated at always being used by Bruce when he’s in trouble. They must come to some sort of agreement that convinces Hulk to take control again.

Chalk that up as speculation for now, but we’ll find out the answer, and whatever the origins are behind Hulk’s new weapon, when Avengers: Endgame lands in theaters on April 26th.