Avengers: Endgame Cast Reveal Who’s Most Likely To Spoil The Ending


In a recent interview with MTV News, the cast of Avengers: Endgame was asked a series of “Most Likely” questions, from “Most likely to skip the Avengers reunion?” to “Most likely to be the last one dancing at the Avengers wrap party?” And while the stars were usually divided in their responses, there was one query that they could unanimously agree on.

That question was, “Most likely to spoil the end of Avengers: Endgame?” and it looks like pretty much the whole cast, and even co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo, came up with the same response: Mark Ruffalo.

“That’s gonna be Mark,” Scarlett Johansson said, speaking for many. “He’s a flake. He’s got loose lips.”

Co-star Danai Gurira tried to come to Ruffalo’s defense, praising the Bruce Banner actor as “so sweet,” but Johansson couldn’t be swayed, adding:

“He’s a great guy, I don’t know. He’s got loose lips.”

Indeed, Ruffalo’s reputation as a notorious blabbermouth didn’t come out of nowhere. Though the star has yet to give away the ending for Endgame, he did famously spoil the conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War in a 2017 interview when he blurted out that “everybody dies.”

But as bad as that was, even Ruffalo recently admitted that it wasn’t the biggest spoiler he’s ever dropped. That honor would instead go to the time he accidentally live-streamed several minutes of footage from Thor: Ragnarok. Interestingly, the actor has since claimed that his bosses at Marvel Studios were actually pleased with all the free publicity that the incident attracted to the film.

Nonetheless, Ruffalo has been doing a pretty good job lately at staying tight-lipped on the content of Avengers: Endgame, but all will soon be revealed when the film hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: MTV News