Avengers: Endgame Concept Art Reveals A Scrapped Weapon For Thanos


Avengers: Endgame treated audiences to two separate versions of Thanos. We got to see the surprising yet logical conclusion of the Infinity War Thanos’ story, showing the injured Titan peacefully tending his crops before being beheaded by Thor. But providing the muscle for the finale was a past version of him at the very top of his game, leading an army against the heroes of Earth and wielding a ferocious double-bladed sword capable of slicing through Captain America’s vibranium shield.

I thought that sword was a fantastic weapon for this version of the character, acting as a visual metaphor for his all-out aggression. But a new piece of concept art has revealed that the double-edged sword wasn’t the only weapon planned for the Mad Titan. Artist Ian Joyner (who described Endgame as a ‘dream project’) shared some images on Twitter showing Thanos carrying a threatening-looking battle axe, and you can see it for yourself down below.

It’s a good look for the character, though I suspect that this weapon was considered a little too similar to Thor’s Stormbreaker. Plus, the double-bladed sword is something we haven’t seen too much of over the years and it was nice to have Thanos with a distinctive weapon.

Right now, we don’t have any information about the origins of that weapon and where it was forged, with its last appearance in the movie coming when it was thrown at the van containing the Quantum Tunnel during the final battle. Sadly for Thanos fans, this appeared to also destroy the sword, meaning you’ve probably seen the last of it.

And as for the Mad Titan himself? Well, Tony Stark reduced him and his army to dust, but if they can bring back the dusted heroes from Infinity War, there’s an outside chance that he could return at some point in the future as well. If he ever does, let’s hope it’s not for a while, as Avengers: Endgame provided the absolute perfect end to his story.

Source: Twitter