Avengers: Endgame Director Wants To See Thanos Vs. Wolverine


Who says filmmakers can’t be fanboys, too? Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo recently delved into the realm of “what if” in the MCU when he was asked which of the X-Men he would have saved from Thanos’ snap. His answer? Totally what you would expect.

The second (alphabetically, anyway) half of the brotherly director duo chatted recently with IGN’s Up At Noon show. Among other things, he talked about all sorts of fictional groups and their potential survival rates during the Snap, including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the characters from Friends and the Backstreet Boys. When given a choice between Charles Xavier’s mutants though, who can finally officially be a part of the MCU, Russo’s decision was predictable, yet fun, saying Wolverine would’ve survived.

“I’d love to see a fiercely motivated Wolverine going up against Thanos,” Joe said, while explaining his crossing out everyone except Weapon X. His choice makes sense, too. After all, that berserker rage scene in Logan was insane. How could someone not be at least a little curious how he would’ve fared against the Mad Titan? Wolvie likely wouldn’t have stopped at the head, either, like Thor. Thanos would have been nothing but a limbless, headless purple torso.

Russo further explained his choice with a statement that seems to have echoed through all of the Avengers movies, saying: “It’s not our job to give the people what they want, it’s to give them what they need.” Just like we needed to see Tony come full circle and save the planet and for Cap to finally get his happy ending, we would have needed to see Wolverine slice that gloved hand right off of Thanos.

Which of the X-Men would you have left alive, though? Take to the comments and let us know then be sure to watch the rest of the video via the link below for more Avengers: Endgame chitchat, and to find out which of the Ninja Turtles and Scooby-Doo gang Russo would have saved.