Avengers: Endgame Directors Would Be Open To Helming A DC Movie


The Russo brothers have become Marvel’s most trusted filmmakers over the past few years. After helming the universally acclaimed Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014, they managed to repeat that success twice over with Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War as well. And now, all the signs are pointing to them rounding it out with a fourth mega-blockbuster in Avengers: Endgame when it lands later this month.

Understandably, the Russos are about to take some time away from the House of Ideas to pursue some other projects, but they’re not ruling out making more Marvel movies in the future. When asked by MTV’s Josh Horowitz what story would be enough to convince them to return to the studio, Joe Russo reaffirmed his and his brother’s love for the Secret Wars saga in the comics.

“I keep saying Secret Wars cause that was one of the first books that I really fell in love with as a kid. This notion of like, you know, event storytelling and I think that’s part of the reason that we gravitate so strongly towards these event films and these ensemble films – is that the notion that you can contain so many different characters, and so many different points of view, and galvanize them around a story point.”

So, they’re willing to come back to Marvel, but would the Russos ever make a DC movie? That’s another thing Horowitz put to the directors and Joe revealed that it’s hard to say right now, coming off the back of a monumental task in making Endgame, but he was sure to say “never say never.”

“I mean, our brains are so fogged at this point that I don’t know we can consider anything. But, you know, you never say never.”

This is a more balanced response than the last time they were asked this question. On that occasion, Anthony Russo said a DC movie from them was unlikely to happen as the pair were always much bigger Marvel fans growing up. However, Joe did comment that he found Batman’s humanity “fascinating,” so maybe he’s holding out for an invite to make a Dark Knight film.

So far, two MCU directors have switched sides and made pics for the Distinguished Competition. The Avengers’ Joss Whedon reshot Justice League for Warner Bros. and was set to direct Batgirl as well until he left the project. Meanwhile, James Gunn is gearing up to shoot The Suicide Squad before he returns to Marvel to helm Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

As for Avengers: Endgame, look for it to hit theaters on April 26th.

Source: MTV News