Avengers: Endgame Directors Say There Are More Easter Eggs Still To Be Found

Avengers Endgame

Avengers: Endgame, as the most important cinematic event in the MCU to date, the biggest movie of the year and, in fact, of all time, has naturally been pored over and analyzed with a fine-tooth comb by Marvel fans ever since it arrived in theaters back in April. And thanks to its recent release on Digital HD, we’ve been able to look at it even more closely and spot things we didn’t notice on the big screen.

All this means that fans have uncovered a huge number of easter eggs hidden in the movie. However, the Russo Brothers have teased that there are still some major ones to find. The filmmakers took part in a Reddit AMA on Wednesday and were asked if there were “any important easter eggs in Endgame that haven’t been found yet” by a fan. They replied with a brief “Yes,” but wouldn’t say what else they were hiding.

Other Redditors followed up the Russos’ response with worries that this was going to start another never-ending easter egg hunt like the one James Gunn has been fueling over Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, Gunn recently revealed that the big easter egg he’s been hinting at since 2014 has been partially uncovered at last – it only took five years. Will we still be searching for these “important” easter eggs in Endgame come 2024? Honestly, I wouldn’t rule it out.

The film is so dense that it’s not a surprise that there’s more to be discovered in its three-hour runtime. The frequent time-jumping means that there could be nods to the MCU’s past that we missed, while the scenes set in the near-future or the present might hint at what’s to come in the franchise in ways we haven’t spotted yet.

Maybe more will emerge once Avengers: Endgame drops on DVD and Blu-Ray from August 13th? Time will tell, but for now, keep on hunting!