Avengers: Endgame Earns Rare CinemaScore Of A+


Avengers: Endgame had a ridiculous amount of hype to live up to, but it’s apparently the consensus of the filmgoing public that Anthony and Joe Russo’s latest feature was a good as they hoped, with the movie earning a rare CinemaScore of A+.

The films of the MCU have consistently rated well with audiences over the years. In fact, the only installment in the saga to dip below an A- thus far is 2011’s Thor, and even that managed a pretty solid B+. However, the franchise has only ever landed an A+ score twice before – once with 2012’s The Avengers, then again last year with Black Panther.

The MCU’s latest release has also fared exceptionally well with critics. At the time of writing, Endgame holds a score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 369 reviews. Aside from Black Panther, this gives the film a higher percentage than any other Marvel Studios release.

All in all, we can safely rule out bad buzz as one of the factors that might hinder Endgame’s run at the box office. According to recent projections, the flick is expected to pass $300 million domestically over the weekend, far exceeding the previous record of $257.5 million held by Avengers: Infinity War. The feature is set to show on a record-breaking 4,600 domestic screens over the weekend as well, and managed to sell out more than 8,000 showtimes prior to release day.

On a global level, the movie is reportedly on track to debut upwards of $950 million, and may even be the first ever film cross the $1 billion mark on its opening weekend. These are some insanely high figures to be dealing with, but we’ll find out if Avengers: Endgame can match these projections in the coming days.

Source: Twitter