Avengers: Endgame Fan Edit Removes Brie Larson From The Film


Last week, we reported that a petition was created by a disgruntled fan that called for Marvel Studios to replace Brie Larson as its latest superhero, Captain Marvel, with a gay woman of color. At the time of writing, it’s garnered over 23,000 signatures, and is less than 2,000 away from its goal.

Though this request is sort of ridiculous in terms of practicality – given that Avengers: Endgame marked the second time the Academy Award-winning actress has played Carol Danvers this year – representation’s always something that’s welcome in my eyes. The Petition Site user who started the whole thing, Spike Valentine, cites the fact that African-American Monica Rambeau is the first Captain Marvel in the comics as the reason the change should be made. He also says that if Larson, an outspoken supporter of equal rights for women and LGBTQ, wants to prove that she’s “an ally of social justice,” she’d step down.

However you read that demand, a fan recently took the petition to a whole new level. According to Cosmic Book News, a heavily edited version of the latest MCU movie has been uploaded to torrent sites that, in an effort to edit out “most quips” and “give [Endgame] a more consistent serious tone,” completely removes Captain Marvel.

The entire list of edits can be found here, but it looks like a lot of them – including getting rid of Tony Stark and Thor’s reunions with their parents, and a “severe reduction” of the women in the final battle – are made out of spite towards Endgame‘s three-hour runtime and several time travel sequences.

While it’s true I said in my own review that the scenes in which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes venture back into the past got repetitive and predictable, I actually enjoyed those familial bonding moments. But as for Captain Marvel, I really couldn’t care less; I did think she had a cool haircut, though.

But what do you think about the proposed edits to Avengers: Endgame? Do you agree with any of them? And are there any other changes you wish you could’ve seen? Let us know in the comments section down below.