New Petition Asks Marvel To Replace Brie Larson As Captain Marvel With A Woman Of Color


Captain Marvel is one of the most successful films of the year so far, with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers instantly being shot into the top league of MCU heroes. As with everything popular, though, a lot of people seem to have it in for the film and its star and ever since its release, trolls have been spreading misinformation and rumors about Larson on social media.

You may have seen all the nonsense about her rivalry with Chris Hemsworth on the Endgame press tour, for instance, in which the pair looked like they had a genuine fallout at some point during production. That remains to be confirmed, of course, but many believe it to be true, especially since there’ve been persistent rumors that Larson was tough to work with on set and not everyone got along with her. But again, none of this has been confirmed.

Now, though, folks have taken things one step further, as a petition has been started calling for the actress to be replaced in her role with a gay woman of color – we kid you not. Even more unbelievable is that it’s almost hit its goal.

“We need Brie Larson to step down from her role to prove she is an ally of social justice and ensure a gay woman of color plays the role,” reads the petition.

“Let Monica, the original female & BLACK Captain Marvel instead of white-washing characters for the benefit of the straight, white men running Disney. She hasn’t donated money to any charity other than The Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation and it’s time for her to show she is not all-talk.”

As ridiculous as this petition may be, it’s amassed almost 9,000 signatures so far, indicating that a lot of people agree with it. Then again, given that Captain Marvel is currently only the second solo debut in the MCU to cross the billion-dollar mark, it’s pretty evident that the average moviegoer doesn’t feel the same animosity towards the actress that those who signed this petition do.

In any case, a second solo outing for Carol Danvers seems like a sure thing at this point. As it stands, we don’t know too much about what the studio may be planning for Captain Marvel 2, though we’d say it’s an absolute certainty that they won’t be replacing Brie Larson in it – despite this petition’s attempt to get them to do so.