Avengers: Endgame’s Karen Gillan Reveals The Advice Stan Lee Gave Her


The great Stan Lee sadly passed away last month, causing heartbreak around the world. The Marvel creator was beloved by all and fans both famous or otherwise have been recalling how much the writer’s comics and ever-cheerful persona meant to them. In particular, the stars of the MCU have come forward to pay their respects to the man who created the universe they’re lucky enough to play in.

Of course, many of them got to meet Lee as he was part of the movie-making process, too, filming his traditional cameo roles that will be sorely missed going forward. One person who had the chance to meet Stan was Karen Gillan, star of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers films, and while speaking to People Magazine, the Scottish actress revealed the advice she got from him when she met the legend on set.

“I was fortunate enough to meet him while I was dressed as Nebula, which was pretty cool to be, you know, embodying one of his creations.”

Strictly speaking, Lee didn’t create Nebula, as she actually comes from the minds of writer Roger Stern and artist John Buscema. However, the cyborg assassin certainly wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the expansive Marvel universe that Lee helped form. It must have been a bizarre moment for Gillan though, encountering the comic book writer while dressed in her blue bald-cap and crazy make-up.

If you’re struggling to imagine the meeting, we actually have photographic evidence of it. When Lee passed away, Gillan shared a snap of herself in the Nebula headdress next to him. She captioned it: “RIP Stan. Thank you for your brilliance.”

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RIP Stan. Thank you for your brilliance.

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So, what was the advice that Lee gave Gillan? Well, he offered a few words of encouragement to the actress in terms of her action sequences.

“He told me to go an knock ‘em dead when I went to do a fight sequence,” said Gillan. “It just felt really cool to receive that from him.”

Karen Gillan has played Thanos’ daughter Nebula three times on screen to date – in the first two Guardians movies and Avengers: Infinity War – and will return soon for April’s Avengers: Endgame. In the same interview, the actress also revealed that Nebula will get to deal with her daddy issues in the movie. As Stan Lee might have said, knock him dead, Nebula!