Avengers: Endgame Leak Reveals Thanos’ New Outfit And Armor


The floodgates have really opened for Avengers: Endgame merchandise leaks this month, with this past weekend proving especially revealing thanks to all the toy imagery that made its way online.

Among the various character designs that have emerged in the last few days is a closer look at Thanos’ armor, which has popped up in enough images by now to suggest that he’ll be wearing this outfit for a pretty large proportion of his screen time. As you’ll see below, the Mad Titan will still be sporting his old Infinity Gauntlet, though if previous leaks are anything to go by, then he’ll also carry around a double-bladed sword.

Seeing how Thanos first ditched his armor in Avengers: Infinity War because he felt that his Gauntlet kept him protected enough, the question is raised of why exactly the villain is taking precautions this time around. As it stands, the most popular prediction seems to be that the accessory took significant damage from the snap, meaning that the gauntlet is no longer working at full capacity, and while that theory’s yet to be confirmed, you can at least see from a writing perspective why the film may need to limit Thanos’ power a little in order to ensure that our heroes stand a chance of beating him.

That being said, we don’t actually know yet if the Infinity War sequel will even be a simple case of Avengers vs. Thanos Round 2. Various leaks teasing “an even greater threat,” for instance, have led to speculation that a new villain might enter the fray, either as an ally to Thanos or a mutual enemy. Regardless, we’ll see what part the Mad Titan has to play in Marvel’s Phase 3 finale when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019.