New Avengers: Endgame Toy Confirms Thanos’ Attack On [SPOILERS]


It’s been a theory for a while now that Avengers: Endgame will see a battle between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Thanos on the Avengers Compound, and with some newly unveiled merchandise, it seems we have one more piece of evidence that the speculation may have it right.

The new line of toys from Diamond Select shows the various heroes standing on different pieces of rubble, just as we saw in the film’s latest trailer. But perhaps the most revealing figure in the set is the model of the Mad Titan, who appears to be standing on a broken version of the Avengers logo, much like the one displayed at their HQ.

While we don’t know for sure that this moment will feature in the film itself, the evidence is certainly mounting that the Avengers: Infinity War sequel will see the compound come under attack. For another example, LEGO is also releasing a set which shows Hulk, Ant-Man, Nebula, Iron Man and Captain Marvel facing off against Thanos and an Outrider at their base. Suffice it to say, it looks all but guaranteed that it’ll happen.

On top of that, the most recent Endgame trailer teases a sequence where a shrunk-down Scott Lang navigates the wreckage of an office environment, complete with pens and pencils. There’s even a shot where an explosion appears to be blooming on the compound site just off-camera.

Though the theory has yet to be 100% confirmed, the destruction of the Avengers Compound would certainly be a fitting development for Marvel’s Phase 3 finale, which is being marketed as the era-closing culmination point of the MCU’s first eleven years. Either way, we’ll find out what’s in store for the team when Avengers: Endagme hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: Reddit

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