Avengers: Endgame Might Become Marvel’s Most Viewed Trailer Ever


We waited for months. We grasped every rumor saying it was about to drop. We puzzled over every implausible leak from those working on it. Then, ten days ago, we finally got our hands on the Avengers: Endgame trailer.

Whether it lived up to the hype or not is up to you, but I absolutely adored its downbeat nature and emotional focus. Where pretty much every trailer shows off its film’s most bombastic action sequences, the Endgame preview zeroed in on small and personal moments, which is appropriate enough given that this is our first peek into the cinematic MCU post-Infinity War.

And it’s looking like audiences agree as well, as just over a week since it hit YouTube, it’s rocketing up the charts of the most viewed Marvel trailers of all-time. It’s currently sitting at 72.2 million views on the studio’s channel, making it the fifth most viewed Marvel movie preview ever.

For the record, in fourth place is Captain America: Civil War‘s first trailer (which introduced Tom Holland’s Spider-Man) with 80m views, followed in third by the debut teaser for Age of Ultron with 85m views. Infinity War, meanwhile, takes both the second and first place spots. In fact, that film’s initial trailer is not only the number one Marvel Studios preview on YouTube, but also the number one most viewed trailer ever with 216m views.

That’s a steep hill to climb if Endgame wants to surpass it, but given the huge popularity of Infinity War and the way the sequel directly follows it, we can only assume that these numbers are set to grow and grow. Remember, the Infinity War totals come about a year after their release and while there’s obviously going to be a tail-off in people viewing the trailers once the film has been premiered, it still gives Avengers: Endgame time to catch up.