Avengers: Endgame Rumored To Have No Post-Credits Scene


Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has mentioned on more than one occasion that the true value of the MCU’s post-credits scenes lies in how they persuade audiences to stick around and look at the names of the many people who labor over each new chapter in the superhero saga. And if a recent Avengers: Endgame rumor turns out to be legit, then this lengthy list of names may be all the bonus material that audiences will get from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War sequel.

One of various unverified claims that have been getting a little traction lately after emerging on 4Chan is that the Russo Brothers’ next film will not have a post-credits scene. Obviously, this rumor should be taken with the usual grain of salt, and even if the source is sincere, you can certainly imagine that Marvel Studios might have a reason for keeping any Endgame post-credits sequences under wraps, even from various insiders. This is, lest we forget, the same studio that gives fake scripts to its own actors.

In any case, if the rumor turns out to be the real thing, then you can imagine a lot of fans would be disappointed that we don’t get to see what’s next after the presumably universe-changing events of Endgame, but at the same time, finishing the movie at its end credits would certainly help bring an appropriate sense of closure to Marvel’s Phase 3 finale. After all, this isn’t just another installment in the MCU’s eleven-year saga but the flick that all of these movies were supposed to be building up to, closing the book on the franchise’s current era.

In any case, this claim remains hearsay for the time being, but we’ll find out if Avengers: Endgame holds any last-minute teases of future movies when the film hits theaters on April 26th, 2019.