Avengers: Endgame Star Tessa Thompson Says Men In Black Would Beat Thanos


As we all know, the Avengers failed to defeat Thanos in time in Infinity War and he succeeded in wiping out half of the universe. It wasn’t until literally every single hero in the MCU came together in Avengers: Endgame that the Mad Titan was destroyed for good. What Iron Man and co. really needed, then, was the aid of a worldwide organization of professional alien-hunters. Say, the Men in Black.

That’s according to star of both franchises, Tessa Thompson, who says that the MIB could take on Thanos no problem. When asked the tricky question by IGN while promoting Men In Black: International, Thompson suggested that Agents H and M might be able to foil the villain by different, more diplomatic means.

“Oh whoa, that’s a serious question. I’m gonna say Men in Black, man. I think they have the skill, not just all their alien gadgets and so much knowledge about the universe but they also have diplomacy and you’d be surprised, you can talk people down from terror I think. I believe in diplomacy.”

Trying to reason with Thanos doesn’t seem to work well for the Avengers in the MCU, but Thompson might be on to something with talking the Titan out of killing millions. Maybe the Men in Black could’ve used the neuralizer on him and made him forget about his plans to use the Infinity Stones?

In any case, Thanos is finally dead in the MCU, thanks in part to MiB: I stars Chris Hemsworth and Thompson, as Thor and Valkyrie played key roles in the battle at the climax of Avengers: Endgame. And the pair of Asgardian Avengers could be reunited at some point in the future, too, as Thor 4 is being discussed. We’re not sure about the fate of the Men in Black franchise, though, after International‘s disappointing box office gross.

Source: IGN

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