Avengers: Endgame Star Tessa Thompson Wants Valkyrie, Thor And Captain Marvel To Spoon


Captain Marvel went the entirety of her solo debut without with a love interest, essentially giving the internet free rein for its theories and fan fictions on who she could partner up with in Avengers: Endgame. Two names that quickly became favorites were Thor and Valkyrie, and at the premiere of the new movie, Tessa Thompson was all too happy to fuel the online chatter.

The Thor: Ragnarok star has previously given the Valkyrie/Captain Marvel ship her seal of approval via social media. At the same time, the near-wordless exchange between Carol and Thor in the Endgame trailers left some fans wanting to see the two interplanetary travelers in a relationship. But in an interview with Variety, Thompson joked that maybe the three of them can come to an arrangement:

“I hear on the internet there’s been a lot of triangular conversations around Captain Marvel, Valkyrie and Thor, and I think a communal spoon — just a spoon between friends that are hard-working — would be a nice thing.”

The actress then went on to suggest the order of the trio’s “communal spoon”:

“It could be polyamorous, why not? A thruple. With Thor in the baby spoon. It’s like there’s Valkyrie, Captain Marvel and then whoever’s sort of holding him, is what I’m thinking.”

While something tells us that Thompson didn’t just drop a major Endgame spoiler, MCU history suggests that it’s probably only a matter of time before Captain Marvel gets paired up with someone.

As for Valkyrie, very little is known about her role in the Avengers: Infinity War sequel, but when Kevin Feige mentioned last year that an already familiar MCU character will be written as LGBTQ, there’s a very good chance he was referring to her. After all, Thompson herself mentioned in her Variety interview that her character is canonically bisexual, even if the films have yet to acknowledge this.

With that in mind, perhaps the fans shipping Captain Marvel and Valkyrie shouldn’t give up hope just yet, but either way, you can expect the pair will have their hands pretty full with other matters when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.