Avengers: Endgame Ticket Bids Are Nearing $10,000 On eBay


Marvel fans are a famously passionate lot, and Avengers: Endgame is probably the most highly anticipated film of the MCU to date. So perhaps it was to be expected that we’d see some excessive displays of devotion to the superhero saga.

When tickets for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel went on sale yesterday morning, sites quickly clogged with traffic from fans eager to buy those first seats. While many were put on exceptionally long waiting lists before they could make the transaction, a phenomenal number of people persevered, leading to record-breaking pre-sales.

Evidently, the demand for tickets is insanely high, and some people are using the opportunity to make a little profit by selling seats on eBay. While many of these tickets are going for much as $50 to $250, other sellers are getting a lot more ambitious. One listing, for example, offers two opening night tickets for $2,500. But if that wasn’t high enough, another listing is selling two tickets for a showing at AMC’s 84th Street 6 Theater in New York on April 28th (i.e. two days after the film has come out), and the current bid is a staggering $9,199.

If that’s really how people want to spend their hard-earned cash, then we can’t stop them. But for those who’d rather not spend almost ten grand on a single screening, it’s not like the year’s biggest blockbuster will be exiting theaters in a hurry.

In any case, these new eBay listings are just one more sign of the ridiculous amount of hype that Marvel has managed to generate around Avengers: Endgame, and you can judge for yourself if the film is worth all the fuss when it arrives in theaters on April 26th.