The New Avengers: Endgame Trailer Is Hiding A Major Character


With the latest and possibly final Avengers: Endgame trailer dropping outing of the blue this morning, fans are currently in the process of poring over the footage to see what they can find. But while such frame-by-frame analysis might well yield a few insights, the preview is also potentially revealing for what it doesn’t show.

Specifically, the new trailer, like the one that came before it, completely avoids giving any screen time to Hulk. Seeing how this is likely to be the last time we ever see the original Phase 1 Avengers all in one movie, it seems beyond debate that the film will give us at least one scene of Bruce Banner’s big, green alter ego. And since the trailer gladly showed off the rest of the team up to and including Captain Marvel, the most likely explanation for Hulk’s absence is surely that his scenes were considered spoilers.

If so, then what exactly is Marvel Studios looking to cover up? Well, one of the plot threads in Avengers: Infinity War was Bruce’s difficulty transforming, and any footage of the character in Hulk form would likely confirm that he managed to work through his issues. But is this really a big enough spoiler for Marvel to waste the opportunity to use Hulk’s triumphant return to promote the film?

Alternatively, we perhaps can’t rule out the possibility that the spoiler isn’t Hulk himself, but his surrounding environment in his scenes. The explanation that a lot of fans are likely to go with though is that Marvel is covering up the arrival of Professor Hulk, the blend of Bruce and Hulk that the internet has long predicted will feature in the film. It seems plausible enough, but whatever Marvel’s reasons are for holding back the Hulk footage, we’ll surely be seeing him in action when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: CinemaBlend