Expect Plenty Of Deleted Scenes To Be Included On The Avengers: Infinity War Blu-Ray


Though it’s yet to even hit theaters, the Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray has already sparked a fair amount of debate online.

Not because of its potential release window (August/September, perhaps?) or even its price, but because of the inevitable bonus content that will be included.

What will it entail, exactly? As mentioned above, it’s far, far too soon to tell, but during a recent sit-down with Digital Spy, directors Joe and Anthony Russo addressed the Infinity War Blu-ray, which will seemingly be packed to the rafters when it comes to extras and deleted scenes. Fitting, really, given there’s never been an MCU movie of this scale and scope.

Yes, April 27th will herald a very special and defining moment in Marvel history, and as for those scenes that didn’t make the cut? Well, we can readily expect a bumper package when Avengers: Infinity War eventually makes its way onto home video.

Said Joe Russo:

We were very tight with the scripts on Winter Soldier and Civil War, so there weren’t a lot of extras. This is a very big movie with a lot of characters in it, and we played around with a lot of improvisation, because we had new chemistry that we were defining between characters.

He continued:

It was the first time ever that all these characters were on screen together, so we played around with quite a bit of footage, and I think there will be some good stuff for the DVD.

Buoyed by 10 years of superhero legacy and enough expectations to last a lifetime, Avengers: Infinity War has been penciled in for April 27th. The question, really, is how high Marvel’s epic will climb on the box office ladder. The latest forecasts predict a suitably massive $235 million opening in North America, which tells us that a $2 billion gross isn’t exactly out of reach.

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