Nothing In The MCU Compares To The Scope Of Avengers: Infinity War, Says Joe Russo


We all know that Avengers: Infinity War is the grandest entry in the MCU yet. As Thanos comes to town to collect the Infinity Stones, every Marvel movie hero will unite to protect Earth from the Mad Titan. It won’t just be simply yet another team-up film with a few more characters in it than normal, though. No, far from it. The Russo brothers believe that it actually operates on a completely different scope than anything we’ve seen in the franchise before.

While speaking in an in-depth interview with The Telegraph India, Joe Russo teased that there’s “nothing comparable” to what will unfold in Infinity War, as its incredible scope and the high stakes are simply off the scale of what we’ve seen in the MCU so far.

“I don’t think that they’ve seen anything on this level of intensity with these levels of stakes and ramifications in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before. There’s nothing comparable to it. If Marvel Studios has been writing a book for the last 10 years, then these are the final chapters of the book. There’s finality, and there will be endings. And there will be new beginnings. I think rarely, especially in Avengers: Infinity War, do commercial movies go to the place that this film goes to.”

Though fans might be expecting a big, comic book-y action movie featuring lots of banter between the heroes, it seems that the film will be more meaty than just that. This isn’t the first time the Russos have talked about how intense Infinity War will be, either. The directors previously promised that it’s even more dramatic than their prior MCU productions, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War.

It’s worth considering, too, exactly what Joe Russo means about Infinity War going to places that most blockbuster movies do not. He could just be speaking in literal terms, referring to the wide cosmic playground the film will explore. However, we’re pretty sure he’s hinting that there will be some darker aspect to the movie that goes above and beyond what we’re used to seeing in superhero cinema.

It’s possible that the director’s referring to Thanos’ motivations in the film, which have the potential to touch on real-world issues. We know that the villain is on a quest to solve overpopulation problems in the universe by wiping out half the life of every single planet. Obviously, that’s a big sci-fi idea, but there are ways it could open up a serious discussion.

Either way, we’ll find out just how intense Avengers: Infinity War really is when it arrives in theaters on April 27th.