BTS Pics From Avengers: Infinity War Show Cap And Black Widow In Action


Proving that not all Avengers: Infinity War content is exclusive to Entertainment Weekly, the eagle-eyed users of Reddit have unearthed not one, but two brand new behind-the-scenes pics for the Marvel crossover.

Embedded below, both images see Joe and Anthony Russo pulling the strings, as they relay instructions to their principal heroes – Captain America and the blonde Black Widow, in this instance. The latter is sporting an updated version of her classic super-suit, ditching the all-black style of S.H.I.E.L.D. for an outfit that screams ‘guerilla warfare.’ Peer close enough and you’ll also notice that a Marvel staff member is clutching on to what can only be the weapon of Proxima Midnight.

She’s a descendant of the so-called Black Order and one of Thanos’ closest allies – a vile, vicious and villainous alien seeking world domination by way of the six Infinity Stones. And at least based on Infinity War‘s initial teaser trailer, Black Widow will be the one inflicting serious damage upon Proxima Midnight – or one of her underlings – late next month.

The second and final of today’s behind-the-scenes pictures shifts the focus over to Wakanda, where a battle-ready Steve Rogers (Captain America/Nomad) prepares to fend off a wave of Outriders and, by effect, safeguard Vision from the Mad Titan.

And though they’ve been through hell and high water and lived to tell the tale, the time-honored bond between Steve and Natasha – between Cap and Black Widow – is still going strong, as Chris Evans tells EW:

It’s always felt like Natasha uses her cynicism as a defense mechanism. She weaponizes it for survival. I think Steve is a little newly calloused in the ways of the world. But Natasha is always going to be a couple steps ahead of him in terms of experience and knowledge. They’ve leaned on each other for different reasons. It’s reinforced the friendship.

The real question, of course, is whether they’ll still be alive by the time the credits roll on Avengers: Infinity War. All will be revealed on April 27th.

Source: Reddit