Chris Evans Touches Base On Cap And Black Widow’s Friendship Ahead Of Avengers: Infinity War


All is not well in the Avengers camp.

Now that the dust has settled from Marvel’s Civil War, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are still licking their wounds – both physical and emotional – after their most harrowing brawl to date. It’s for this reason that Avengers: Infinity War opens at a time when our heroes are at their lowest, at their most desperate, which only leaves the door open for Thanos to come in and exploit that vulnerability.

But if there’s one ironclad MCU friendship that has withstood the test of time – science bros notwithstanding – it’s the one between Captain America and his fearless ally, Black Widow. ScarJo’s Phase One Avenger is finally in line for a standalone movie of her own, but when it comes to Infinity War, her co-star Chris Evans spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the time-honored bond between Natasha and Steve.

It’s always felt like Natasha uses her cynicism as a defense mechanism. She weaponizes it for survival. I think Steve is a little newly calloused in the ways of the world. But Natasha is always going to be a couple steps ahead of him in terms of experience and knowledge. They’ve leaned on each other for different reasons. It’s reinforced the friendship.

For the rest of the ensemble cast, Infinity War‘s opening will herald the moment when our costumed crusaders set aside old differences and, for lack of a better term, get the band back together, as co-director Anthony Russo tells EW:

They’re fractured at the start of the movie. It was always the intent, in a larger arc, to split the Avengers up before the greatest threat that they’ve ever seen. Thanos is a virtually indestructible character, which makes him an extremely difficult character to fight.

It’s seemingly 156 minutes long and big enough to redraw the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it, so it’s small wonder why many consider Avengers: Infinity War to be the most-anticipated movie of 2018. And it’ll be with us on April 27th.