Infinity War: Thanos’ “Horrific” Masterplan Has Been Revealed


“Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe. But this…does put a smile on my face.”

That’s Thanos there, rambling on about his one true desire: to harness the untold power of Marvel’s Infinity Stones and bring balance back to the universe. But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s ongoing coverage of Avengers: Infinity War (see here), MCU architect Kevin Feige has spilled the beans on the Mad Titan’s endgame, which is “either genius or horrific,” depending on which side of the battle you find yourself on.

For Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it’s the worst possible scenario, as Thanos’ cruel, selfish strategy leaves the fate of the world – nay, the fate of the universe – hanging in the balance. And that’s something Feige addressed while speaking to EW, where he confirmed that Josh Brolin’s über-villain hails from a planet called Titan – not to be confused with Saturn’s largest moon.

To their credit, Joe and Anthony Russo – along with screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus – have seemingly made a conscious effort to deliver a nuanced, believable villain in Thanos, and we now know why he’s so hellbent on absolute rule.

Said Kevin Feige:

He’s from a planet called Titan that’s no longer inhabited because of things that he thought he could help prevent, and he was not allowed to do that. What he feared most happened, and the planet and everybody on it basically went extinct. He vowed not to let that happen again. He thinks he sees the universe going down the tubes. He thinks he sees life expanding outward unchecked. That will bring ruin, he believes, to the universe and to that life. That’s either genius or horrific, depending on your point of view, and most of our point of views say it’s pretty horrific.

Expect Thanos to cast a big, purple shadow over Earth when Avengers: Infinity War opens worldwide on April 27th.

Source: EW