EW Teases Thor And Cap’s Avengers: Infinity War Reunion


As well as seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come together to stop Thanos from reaching unlimited power, Avengers: Infinity War will serve as a bit of a class reunion, too, as it’ll feature a whole bunch of characters reconnecting for the first time in years. For instance, Thor hasn’t seen his “friend from work” Steve Rogers since 2015’s Age of Ultron, so it should be fun to watch these two OG Avengers fighting side by side once again.

What’s more, EW recently gave us some info on the witty repartee the duo will share when they reunite, as they were on set to witness a bit of improv from Evans and Hemsworth – which concerns the heroes appreciating the other’s changing looks. We’re not sure whether to issue a spoiler warning here as it remains to be seen whether this bit of back-and-forth will actually make it into the final cut or not, but here’s what the outlet reports:

“I’ll be like, ‘Short hair now? Good choice,’” Evans says, while miming a right hook against an invisible Outrider. “And I’ll go, ‘Yours too. The beard. Very ­rugged,’” Hemsworth says. They’re still workshopping it as they go back in front of the cameras. But before they can complete their takes, lightning crackles nearby, followed by curtains of stinging rain that send the whole production stampeding for cover. EW’s Day 1 on the set comes to an abrupt and muddy end. Maybe that exchange between Cap and Thor will make it in, maybe it won’t. The thing about Infinity War is, you can’t really be sure what will survive.”

This sounds like a great bit of comedy, referencing the fact that both Thor and Cap have decided to shake things up since they last saw each other. The Asgardian had his long locks shorn off by Stan Lee’s creepy hairdresser in Thor: Ragnarokwhile Steve has grown a beard – seeing as he’s now a fugitive when Infinity War begins. We hope this finds its way into the movie, too, as while we love all the big action set pieces, part of what makes these crossovers so enjoyable is simply the interactions between the characters.

It sounds like most of the original line-up of the Avengers will reconnect in Infinity War, as well. Robert Downey Jr. has teased the comeback of the beloved “Science Bros” (Tony Stark and Bruce Banner), while Black Widow is going to stick close to Cap during the film. Hawkeye’s role, on the other hand, is being shrouded in secrecy. We still haven’t seen any footage of the character yet, but we imagine he’ll be there alongside his fellow heroes when Thanos comes knocking.

Be sure to catch Avengers: Infinity War when it blasts its way onto screens on April 27th.

Source: EW