Avengers: Infinity War Co-Director Teases Vision’s Role


While it may take the remaining time leading up to Avengers: Infinity War to discuss the myriad of reasons we have to anticipate the film, it’s best we narrow the focus for just a moment. As you know, this movie will mark the culmination of everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building to for the past ten years, dating all the way back to the first Iron Man flick. Really, it’s been that long.

Of course, the final boss battle with Thanos is the endgame that many True Believers have had in mind for the duration of the journey, and we’ll finally see that paid off before long. In fact, his quest to unite the Infinity Stones is what’ll put him on a collision course with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, with a horrific plan at play that we learned more about earlier today.

So, naturally, one would imagine for the Mad Titan to severely covet that sparkling stone with which Vision has bedazzled his forehead. Actually, many diehard comic book readers are expecting the big bad to liberate it from the android’s brow with the most extreme of force.

Chiming in on this was co-director Anthony Russo, who had the following to say in a recent discussion with Entertainment Weekly:

“Vision is a living MacGuffin. Obviously, that raises the stakes because Vision’s life is in danger, and his life is in conflict with Thanos’ goals, so something’s got to give. Cap makes the decision to bring [Vision] here to Wakanda. Earth is making its last stand to keep the stone from Thanos. It’s the best place to make your last stand.”

Having read that, one can assume that the epic battle to take place in Wakanda will be a result of Thanos’ pursuit of Vision. But whether it’ll be the grand third act donnybrook or simply take place earlier in the film remains to be seen.

Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters on April 27.