Captain America: Civil War Foreshadowed The Deaths In Avengers: Infinity War


Most Marvel fans thought they knew exactly who would live and who would die when they walked into Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity WarDecades of comics (sorry, graphic novels) have depicted either the death or retirement of our hero’s alter-egos, only for their mantle to be taken up by another. This prompted theories such as the idea that Steve Rogers might die, only for Bucky or Falcon to take on the Cap role next. Oh how wrong we were.

But it appears that the answer to the question of who will live and who will die at the snap of Thanos’ fingers was right under our noses this whole time. Well, at least during Captain America: Civil War it was. The scene itself takes place when General Ross (William Hurt) reveals the existence of the Sokovia Accords, legislation that required all superheroes to reveal their identities and powers to the authorities.

As we know, this results in Cap and Iron Man butting heads, to say the least. But the interesting part is the characters’ locations sitting around the table, with those who met their makers seated on the right side and those who lived to tell the tale on the left.

Shall we break it down for you? Well, as you can see above, to the right sits Vision and Scarlet Witch (aww) and Falcon, with Black Widow, Cap and Iron Patriot/War Machine seated on the left. Pretty neat, eh? Also dripping with meaning is Tony Stark’s isolation from the rest of the group, which is once again re-emphasized when he’s stuck on Titan and separated from the team during the Wakanda battle.

What do you think of this scene from Civil War, though? Is it just a pure coincidence, or sneaky foreshadowing of what would happen in Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know in the comments section below.