Infinity War Scribes Touch Base On Deleted Scenes And Leftover Material For Avengers 4


Over the past 48 hours, Collider has truly opened up a treasure trove of Marvel-related trinkets.

That’s because the outlet caught up with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the brains behind Avengers: Infinity War‘s script, for a candid, no-holds-barred breakdown of the sequel’s twists and turns. It’s wonderful and, frankly, riddled with spoilers, as Markus and McFeely have addressed everything from Thanos’ backstory to that strange Gamora-shaped plothole that can be traced back to Guardians of the Galaxy.

For their latest quiz, though, Infinity War‘s writers have weighed in on the number of deleted scenes to be included in the film’s eventual Blu-ray release, though it would seem most of the content pulled from Avengers 3 was either substandard, or it’s since been earmarked for Avengers 4.

Stephen McFeely: “We’re not allowed to say all of them.”

Christopher Markus: “We’re not allowed to say all of them and some of them….”

Collider: “Is it because some of that still might actually be used for the next one?”

Stephen McFeely: “Yes.”

Christopher Markus: “Sometimes. And, sometimes, they’re just not good.”

Also revealed on Collider’s spoiler special was the fact that Hawkeye was never actually considered for Avengers: Infinity War, leaving many to wonder whether Clint Baron will cameo in Ant-Man and the Wasp this summer. Elsewhere, Markus and McFeely’s early drafts seemingly included a lower body count.

On the box office front, Avengers: Infinity War has officially broken past $600M domestic, and is well on its way to reaching a $2 billion gross worldwide – even if it’ll likely face strong competition from Solo: A Star Wars Story (and Deadpool 2!) this Memorial Day Weekend.

Source: Collider