Marvel Celebrates 10 Years Of Eye-Popping IMAX Experiences With New Promo


“I’m gonna’ show you something beautiful…”

With the exception of ABC’s experiment on Inhumans, Marvel Studios has enjoyed a long and fruitful 10-year partnership with IMAX, which recently allowed some of Black Panther‘s scenes to be specially formatted for the large-screen platform.

Turns out Marvel is rolling out the IMAX carpet for Avengers: Infinity War, too, and up above you’ll see that collaboration in motion. As a matter of fact, this new, celebratory promo raises a glass to 10 years’ worth of Marvel-themed IMAX experiences, and, frankly, it’s only fitting that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be projected onto the biggest screens available for what is surely the MCU’s most Earth-shaking installment to date.

Also, random fact of the day: the click sound effect that can be heard around the 20-second mark is awfully similar to the one used during the initial teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Perhaps Disney’s pool of video editors are simply reusing some assets that were floating around cyberspace? We’ll leave that one to you.

If nothing else, this IMAX featurette cushions the blow from Disney’s recent confirmation – one that ruled out the possibility of Infinity War‘s new, and presumably final, trailer being released sometime this week.

There’s also Entertainment Tonight’s special showcase to pore over, which welcomed Marvel enthusiasts behind the scenes of Avengers: Infinity War to highlight Thanos, the Black Order and every single costumed crusader that will be risking life and limb to defend Wakanda (and the universe!) from widespread tyranny.

And we can readily expect that Infinity War to play out on IMAX screens the world over, as Marvel’s superhero epic will officially continue the time-honored tradition between the two industry giants on April 27th.

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