Evidence Mounts That [Spoiler] Holds The Soul Stone Of Avengers: Infinity War


Are Iron Man and the Soul Stone one and the same?

Two weeks ago, we stumbled upon one of the many, many Marvel rumors ricocheting off the walls of the Internet, which indicated that the orange Soul gem, the sixth and final Infinity Stone that’s seemingly more powerful than its next of kin, has been housed up in Tony Stark’s arc reactor this whole time. Either that, or Tony is literally the stone himself.

It’s a stretch, of course, and ranks up there with some of the silliest fan theories for Avengers: Infinity War thus far – second only to the one which claims the Soul Stone has taken the shape of Heimdall’s eyeballs, whose ability to “see all the souls in the nine realms” surely makes him a shoo-in for the gig, right? Right?!

Point is, the Internet is teeming with all sorts of half-baked rumors and speculation pertaining to Marvel’s Infinity War, so we advise you to tread lightly. With that said, just yesterday you’ll remember that we uncovered a new piece of merchandise for Avengers 3 – glassware, to be specific, which effectively name-drops Iron Man and the Soul Stone in the same breath.

File this one in the rumor cabinet for now, as attempting to wean concrete story details from a bunch of merchandise can be a dangerous and at times fruitless game.

Capping off a busy, busy week in the Marvel camp, we’ve just learned that tomorrow will herald the one-two punch of Avengers: Infinity War‘s second and potentially trailer along with the first wave of tickets for the MCU’s event movie, which will begin its global rollout on April 27th.

Source: CBM