Gorgeous Avengers Artwork Celebrates 10 Years Of The MCU


Though it’s easy to get swept up by the excitement of Avengers: Infinity War (Thanos! Hawkeye! Wakanda! More!), 2018 marks a very special moment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe: its 10th anniversary.

Since its humble beginnings back in 2008, Marvel’s juggernaut franchise has truly ballooned in size, and it’s a credit to Kevin Feige and über-producer Louis D’Esposito – two executives with the ‘Midas touch’ – that the likes of Black Panther, Thor, Black Widow and Doctor Strange are now considered household names.

Yes, the road to Infinity War has been one big, emphatic success story for the folks at Marvel Studios, and to commemorate that legacy, the esteemed Ryan Meinerding has produced a sun-kissed Avengers painting designed to raise a glass to 10 years of the MCU. And it’s arrived just in time for D23.

“This is a new Avengers painting I did for the Marvel Studios 10 year anniversary,” said Meinerding. “It was for the @disneyd23 magazine. It features different character looks from the last ten years in the lead up to Infinity War. Which MCU character looks are your favorite from the last ten years?”

Meinerding’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of MCU goodies, so we’d strongly advise that you give him a follow if you haven’t done so already. Meanwhile, Marvel is also poised to launch the second, conclusive volume in its Art of the Cinematic Universe series, which is due to hit store shelves on May 1st and is described as so:

The Avengers have come a long way since they first assembled to fight off an alien invasion. The past five years have brought more and more challenges, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have always risen to face them. But have they finally met their match in the intergalactic despot Thanos, who seeks to inflict his twisted will on all of reality? Just in time for the highly anticipated event, this keepsake volume celebrates the characters and concepts that will converge in May 2018, Collecting art, interviews, and photography from films leading up to Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

The end is nigh, folks. Now that Avengers: Infinity War has hit tracking, Marvel’s event movie is said to be staring down the face of a $200 million-plus opening weekend in North America, though that number could scale higher still once word of mouth begins to spread.

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