Box Office: Avengers: Infinity War Tracking For Huge $200 Million Opening


As Avengers: Infinity War comes into focus, and Thanos’ all-consuming masterplan begins to take shape, we’re starting to form a better understanding of the Marvel event movie and, more specifically, its box office projections.

Case in point: Deadline has crunched the latest numbers to reveal that Infinity War is now tracking for a suitably massive $200 million opening in North America, where it’s poised to blow every other April record – think Furious 7 ($147M) and Fate of the Furious ($98.7M) – out of the water.

That tells us Joe and Anthony Russo’s blockbuster is well on its way to a huge debut, even if this $200 million-plus ballpark is an industry estimate, rather than an official projection by Disney, a studio that is typically conservative when it comes to its own box office predictions.

Nevertheless, the pent-up demand for Infinity War and its 23-character smackdown is there for all to see. Back in March, online giant Fandango announced that, in only six hours, the third Avengers movie had broke the 24-hour sales record of all previous superhero movies – Black Panther included – which ought to give you an idea of Infinity War‘s lofty ambitions.

Elsewhere in Deadline’s report, an unaided awareness survey, where the person being polled names a movie title without being prompted, placed Infinity War far ahead of its blockbuster peers with a huge 42. For the record, that’s notably higher than The Force Awakens (36, $247.9M), Black Panther (35, $202M), The Last Jedi (35, $220M), Jurassic World (24, $209M) and The Avengers (26, $207M), so we’re intrigued to discover whether these positive polling results are reflected in the final tally.

All will be revealed once the “ambitious” Avengers: Infinity War begins its rollout on April 27th.