AMC To Host 31-Hour MCU Marathon In Anticipation Of Avengers: Infinity War


Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a lapsed fan of comic book movies or a long-time Marvel enthusiast, Avengers: Infinity War has earned its status as one of 2018’s most anticipated releases.

Why, you ask? Because, for one, it’s building on a ten-year legacy that can be traced all the way back to Jon Favreau’s original Iron Man, which soon became ground zero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the intervening years since, the MCU has earned more than $14 billion in box office receipts, after the recently-released (and wildly successful!) Black Panther movie dragged Marvel’s shared universe to dizzying new heights.

So it almost goes without saying that Avengers: Infinity War, what with its incredible ensemble cast and palpable sense of history, is a special, defining moment for the MCU in and of itself. And we’re now learning that AMC Theatres plans to honor that legacy with a huge, 31-hour movie marathon, beginning with 2008’s Iron Man and concluding with the super-sized Infinity War.

Further details on pricing and scheduling weren’t disclosed at the time of writing, though we imagine AMC plans to lift the curtain on its Marvel marathon this Friday, March 16th, when tickets for Avengers: Infinity War are expected to go on sale.

Alas, with the exception of that behind-the-scenes showcase from Entertainment Tonight, Marvel’s ticket announcement looks set to be the only headline-worthy tidbit from the Infinity War camp this week, after the Powers That Be quietly debunked any suggestions that a new trailer for Avengers 3 was on the verge of release.

It is in the pipeline, mind you; we’ll just have to wait until later this month before we lay eyes on the final preview for Avengers: Infinity War.