Avengers: Infinity War Does Things We’ve Never Seen In The MCU


True to their word, Marvel Studios rolled out the red carpet last night to host a very special screening of Avengers: Infinity War, where a select number of lucky fans were treated to a 30-minute preview of 2018’s biggest blockbuster.

Not only that, but many of the sequel’s leading stars were in attendance, too, including Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/White Wolf), Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany, whose on-screen deity Vision is about to find himself smack bang in the middle of Thanos’ crosshairs, what with that cosmic Mind Stone protruding from his forehead.

And that’s not all, as Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, was also there to tease the event movie. While he was careful not to reveal too much, he did say that they were only screening a select 30 minutes because there are things that happen in Infinity War that we’ve never seen happen in the MCU. Cue the speculation!

“The reason they’re not screening the whole film is because there are so many new things that happen in it, things that’ve never happened before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that it’s just more exciting if everyone in the world sees the film at the same time.”

What Hiddleston could be referring to here is anyone’s guess. I mean, just the very nature of the film is completely unprecedented. Never before have we seen such a large scale crossover in the MCU, or any other franchise, for that matter. So there’s that. But the actor’s probably talking about more plot-specific things, we imagine. And again, it’s impossible to say what those may be as the veil of secrecy surrounding the pic is incredibly thick.

Thankfully, though, it’ll soon be lifted, as Avengers: Infinity War reaches theaters on April 27th and while the excitement is electric – palpable, even – the Russo Brothers have asked fans to think twice about posting spoilers. Because after 10 years and 18 movies’ worth of exposition and city-leveling spectacle, why ruin the fun?

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