Elizabeth Olsen Now Says She’d Love To Do A Scarlet Witch Movie


Fans are hoping that the long-awaited Captain Marvel will open the doors for many more female-led MCU movies to come once it arrives in 2019. We’ve heard a lot about the fact that Scarlet Johansson might finally get a Black Widow standalone in Phase Four, but what other heroines could helm their own vehicles in the future? One of the biggest contenders is Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch. But what does Elizabeth Olsen think of the idea?

Well, we’re not too sure. You see, earlier this week, while talking to People, the actress didn’t seem too into it, saying:

“We are at ground zero. It’s definitely not something I’m pushing. I don’t know if it’s something they’re going to push either.”

Now, though, she seems to have changed her tune. While speaking at a recent fan event in the UK, Olsen sounded a lot more enthusiastic, telling Hey U Guys the following:

“I would love to. I would never say no to that. No one’s talked to me about it, but it would be so fun. I love playing this character. I would love to give her more screen time and take a deep dive into her psyche.”

Wanda Maximoff first made her MCU debut back in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier before she was properly introduced in the following year’s Avengers: Age of UltronCivil War then continued her story, as will the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Even after that film and its currently untitled sequel hit theaters though, we imagine that there’ll still be a lot left to explore when it comes to Scarlet Witch.

Whether we’ll get the chance to see her headline her own solo outing, we obviously don’t know. But the character is pretty popular amongst fans and Olsen’s an actress that Marvel would be wise to hold onto, so perhaps it could happen one day. For now, though, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing more of her in Infinity War, which will be with us on the 27th.