Infinity War’s Chris Evans All But Confirms Black Widow Movie


In the eyes of Chris Evans, Marvel simply doesn’t miss.

The Captain America star, who is greatly anticipating Avengers: Infinity War like everyone else, spoke to Entertainment Tonight just recently about the importance of Black Panther, and why it can signal the dawn of a new era within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Indeed, Ryan Coogler’s Afrocentric epic has been lauded with praise for its carefully crafted story, not to mention the diverse ensemble at the heart of Wakanda. It’s for this reason that Evans believes the Captain Marvel and Black Widow movies can attain a similar level of success, as Marvel Studios knows a thing or two about elevating the superhero genre.

And though the latter project hasn’t been outright confirmed – rumored intel had Jac Schaeffer on script duties – Chris Evans is certainly of the belief that Scarlett Johansson is about to get a standalone MCU movie of her own.

There’s nothing Marvel can’t do, and I’m sure it’s gonna have the exact same effect when Captain Marvel comes out, and then the Black Widow movie comes out. Marvel just has the winning recipe and they’re kind of one step ahead of everybody else.

Black Widow in the MCU

He continued:

I mean just looking at them, and I was just looking at things this morning about these Black Panther openings around the country this weekend and its gonna crush. It’s gonna crush! Marvel knows what they’re doing. They find great people. I just feel very humbled and lucky to be part of it.

Long before ScarJo heads for uncharted territory, Black Widow will be part of the Marvel entourage tasked with defending Earth from the invading Thanos in this year’s Avengers: Infinity War. And though many assumed that Joe and Anthony Russo’s titanic crossover would bring fans closer to the Soul Stone, there’s now reason to believe that Marvel Studios will keep its sixth and final Infinity Stone under lockdown until the arrival of Captain Marvel next year.

Source: ET Canada