Black Widow Solo Movie Already Making Progress


Earlier this week, the internet lost it – and understandably so – when it was finally confirmed that Marvel were pushing a Black Widow solo film into production. After years and years of intense demand from fans, ScarJo’s beloved Avenger will now get her very own movie and with talk of a possible R-rating to accompany it, people couldn’t be more excited. However, the one question on everyone’s mind is, when will we see the project take flight?

Unfortunately, the initial report didn’t give us much to go on, with The Wrap’s scoop really only confirming that this thing exists and has a screenwriter in the form of Jac Schaeffer. Now, however, Variety is stepping in with a quick update, which isn’t terribly substantial, but does let us know that, at the very least, progress is being made.

Taking to Twitter, Justin Kroll said the following:

BLACK WIDOW update: While Jac didn’t get a chance to meet with ScarJo before she was tapped to pen BW, hearing the two are likely to sit down at the beginning of next month to talk about the film and how they see it going.

Again, this is hardly something that’s going to stop the presses, but it is nice to know that firstly, the gears are in motion and secondly, that Scarlett Johansson looks to be involved in the creative process. Not that any of this is terribly surprising, mind you.

I mean, of course, ScarJo is going to be giving her input and obviously Schaeffer would want to meet with the actress to discuss her vision for the project. For a film like this, it’s important that the key talent are all on the same page and understand one another. Then again, it’s not as if we should have any worries here of behind the scenes troubles. Most Marvel productions run pretty smoothly  – unlike another cinematic universe which also features costumed crusaders.

As for when any substantial updates on the Black Widow solo movie will arrive, it’ll probably be some time. After all, the thing was just announced. Still, it is happening and for now, knowing that is more than enough to put a smile on our face.