Making The Case For A Solo Black Widow Movie In The MCU


Black Widow is a name with a notable legacy within Marvel comic book lore. Many women have carried that moniker, including Claire Voyant – one of the earliest costumed, super-powered women to appear in comics. While cinema audiences today associate the name with a cat-suited Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow has also been the name of not only a mystical being possessed by Satan, but also a Director of S.H.I.E.L.D who was the ex-wife of Nick Fury. She’s even been a serial killer with cannibalistic tendencies.

But, for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and indeed, comic book movie fans everywhere – the version of Black Widow we see on the big screen today has come to be a symbol of female determination and capability. Within that movie franchise, through films of varying quality, she’s evolved into a complex character, whose loyalty and choices can determine the outcome of the fiercest battles. She has a rich history that’s still being revealed, even after a seven year presence, and a dynamic relationship with each of her avenging colleagues.

So, we cannot help but wonder – in terms of solo movies, where’s Black Widow? Why has she thus far been unable to break out of the ranks of supporting character? Join us as we attempt to figure it out…