New Wave Of Avengers: Infinity War Merch Shows Off New Weapons, Costumes And More


As the cinematic event of 2018, the industry’s leading toy manufacturers currently have all hands on deck in preparation for Avengers: Infinity War.

It’s the product of 10 years’ worth of big-budget superhero movies, and with so many characters at its disposal – word is Joe and Anthony Russo’s Herculean crossover touts a character roster in excess of 76 costumed crusaders – the likes of Funko and Hasbro are practically spoilt for choice when it comes to building and designing Infinity War merchandise.

And thanks to Kotaku, down below you’ll find a gallery filled with Hasbro’s Avengers lineup, followed by a slew of pint-sized POP! Vinyl figures that help separate friend from foe. Because with so many characters on the casting docket, you’d be forgiven for losing tracking of who’s who. Hell, it seems even Sebastian Stan is guilty of forgetting his MCU co-stars – human and otherwise.

The road to Avengers: Infinity War continues, then, and with Will Corona Pilgrim’s canonical prelude comic now out in the wild, we now know Doctor Strange’s knowledge of the Infinity Stones – not to mention the fact that the elusive Soul Stone is seemingly the “most dangerous” gem of them all.

In related news, fans continue to run the rule over Iron Spider, the Model-Prime armor and Captain America’s inevitable transition into a Nomad-like operative who’s simply fed up dealing with the Powers That Be. And then there’s Thor. Marvel God of Thunder experienced quite the journey in last year’s Ragnarok, and we now have reason to believe that he’ll be wielding Stormbreaker in two months’ time. Heck, the gallery above practically confirms it.

Expect all that and more to light up the big screen when Avengers: Infinity War opens on May 4th.