All-New Avengers: Infinity War Stills Tease A Tense Standoff Between The Guardians And Thor


The Guardians of the Galaxy play host to an uninvited guest in these newly-released stills for Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s historic crossover that is now so close we can almost feel the shimmering, cosmic power emanating from Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet.

Because after close to seven years of far-flung threats and general brooding, the Mad Titan is finally – finally! – ready to exert his dominance, beginning with a close encounter involving Loki and the God of Thunder himself, Thor. Initially teased at the tail-end of Thor: Ragnarok, it’s this spectacular event that ultimately places Thor on a collision course with the Guardians of the Galaxy – and, specifically, the Milano’s windshield – who reluctantly agree to bring him on board so that Mantis can work her magic.

Cue a rib-tickling scene of Drax admiring Thor’s physique (“this is a man…a handsome, muscular man”) before the latter jolts awake, only to find that he’s in the company of the galaxy’s greatest bandits. It has all the makings of a memorable sequence, and we imagine much of Infinity War‘s humor can be traced back to Chris Hemsworth’s Asgardian interacting with his new allies.

And thanks to the folks over at Total Film, we now have another sneak peek of the Guardians sizing up Thor:

Not only that, but there’s also a brand new shot of Marvel’s Science Bros – namely Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Wong and a Bruce Banner crippled by stage fright – turning to confront the enemy at the gates. Specifically New York City, where members of the Black Order have unleashed a deadly device capable of turning anything – and anyone – into dust.

Wakanda will serve as the final segment of Avengers: Infinity War‘s three-part story structure, and fans can readily expect Joe and Anthony Russo’s blockbuster to unveil all of its many secrets on April 27th.

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