Thanos Billed As The One True Lead Of Avengers: Infinity War


The Mad Titan is not to be trifled with.

With Avengers: Infinity War fast approaching – April 27th is the date for your diaries – Josh Brolin’s mega-villain is expected to bring humanity to its knees in his quest to retrieve all six Infinity Stones and, by effect, restore balance to the universe with a snap of his giant, purple fingers.

It’s this spacefaring adventure that forms the spine of Infinity War and, presumably, its 2019 sequel, so it should come as no surprise that Anthony Mackie considers Thanos to be the lead character of Joe and Anthony Russo’s sprawling ensemble pic.

The great thing is that tonally, how the movie’s working now everyone, it’s not like you see one person who is the lead of the movie. It’s truly and ensemble movie. I would say if anybody is the lead of the movie it’s Thanos. And it’s all of us working around, orbiting Thanos because he’s such a big bad guy. He’s the uber bad guy. He’s the worst bad guy of all bad guys of all time. So you can’t like put them in three scenes down, then a fight scene at the end. You really have to give them just due. So, our relationship and our scenes are more ensemble based. Everybody playing with a relationship with each other.

He’s the crux – the anchor point – around which Avengers: Infinity War unfolds, and it’s up to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to confront Thanos and his sinister Black Order across three distinct fronts: Wakanda, New York, and outer space, where the Guardians are busy guiding Thor on the hunt for a new weapon.

Bouncing off Anthony Mackie’s comments to Screen Rant, Bucky Barnes himself, Sebastian Stan, told the outlet that Infinity War really belongs to the Mad Titan.

I’m sure it’s going to be challenging for sure because there’s so many different tones to these films and that all of these characters carry. So I think it’ll be interesting to see how tonally everybody fits into the same world. You’ve shot already some, right?

And it’ll be with us on April 27th. Details of the Avengers: Infinity War review embargo are also available to peruse, and let’s just say you’ll want to be keeping an eye on Twitter come April 23rd.

Source: Screen Rant