The End Is Near In New Avengers: Infinity War Promo


With the latest full trailer for Avengers: Infinity War having arrived a couple weeks back, it’s only understandable that devout True Believers and casual moviegoers alike begin frothing at the mouth. After all, it felt like an eternity had passed since the previous one dropped and the film’s release date is coming up fast.

So, even though it stands to reason that you and your friends have seen said footage numerous times, we can probably all agree that any and all new promos to be released between now and opening weekend are much appreciated.

On that note, Marvel has just dropped yet another teaser boasting an aspect ratio that seems to be tailor-made for being viewed on smart phones. Titled “The End is Near,” not only does it further cement the idea of this being the culmination of Marvel Studios’ ten-year journey, but it also gets across the idea of how the film will have such gravitas, yet still be an unbelievably fun viewing experience.

And if you don’t believe that the excrement is about to hit the fan, well, we’ll refer you to screenwriter Stephen McFeely’s recent comments saying that he and his creative partners had the freedom to kill off any character:

“Marvel allowed us big swings. So there wasn’t a mandate that everything had to get tied up in a neat bow so that they could continue with another one and another one…these movies are the most successful when the characters undergo big changes and in certain cases when some are escorted off the stage.”

Whoever may be biting the dust remains a mystery at this point, but I can’t shake the feeling that Steve Rogers’ days are numbered. After all, actor Chris Evans won’t be hanging around forever and I wouldn’t doubt that Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes is poised to take up the mantle of Captain America, similar to how he did in the comics.

One way or another, we’ll find out for sure when Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters on April 27.