Avengers: Infinity War Scribes Had The Freedom To Kill Off Any Character


The days are slowly, achingly slowly, falling off the calendar as we ready ourselves for the immeasurably anticipated release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Directed by franchise stalwarts Joe and Anthony Russo, the pic is presumptively going to depict the demise of at least one superhero, with the likelihood of more to follow when Avengers 4 is said and done. And, as it turns out, the film’s screenwriters, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, had a level of freedom that would unsettle even the toughest of Marvel fanboys.

That’s right, Markus and McFeely were given the go-ahead from the studio to proceed with the characters and story however they saw fit. In an interview with the Toronto Sun, the Infinity War scribes revealed how they were afforded free range inside the MCU.

“I know nothing about deaths, but if there’s a good story reason for it, they were open to anything. We didn’t want to […] cut off a flower just as it’s beginning to bloom. But a nice big flower? Maybe.” Markus said.

Predictively vague when it came down to specifics, Markus’ comments definitely hint at death, or deaths, in the upcoming blockbuster. If you remain unconvinced, what co-writer Stephen McFeely stated in the same sit-down should put any thought of a deathless movie to bed.

“Marvel allowed us big swings. So there wasn’t a mandate that everything had to get tied up in a neat bow so that they could continue with another one and another one…these movies are the most successful when the characters undergo big changes and in certain cases when some are escorted off the stage.” Freely said.

Yes, it’s upsetting, possibly even disconcerting, that on April 27th we could be (more than likely) parting ways with character(s) we aren’t prepared to let go. A loss is never easy. However, Marvel Studios has done a phenomenal job keeping each entry into their universe entertaining while doing right by their heroes. So rest assured that, if and when, one, or two, protagonists bite the dust in Avengers: Infinity War, it’ll be done in a tasteful manner that will undoubtedly further the MCU for the better.