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Avengers: Infinity War Conquers The Force Awakens With Record Opening

Much to the surprise of no one, Avengers: Infinity War stormed the box office this weekend and posted an absolutely titanic opening.

Day by day, we’re beginning to form a better understanding of Avengers: Infinity War and, in particular, how it’s performing at the box office – domestic and otherwise.

Overseas, the Marvel epic has been screening in countries like Australia and the Philippines since Wednesday, while the United Kingdom (and 20 other countries!) welcomed Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into theaters just this past Friday. Much to the surprise of no one, Joe and Anthony Russo’s Herculean crossover is already doing gangbusters all across the world, but as this is April 29th, the film is just about to complete its first weekend of being out in the wild and as expected, it’s posted an absolutely titanic opening.

Of course, the final numbers won’t be in until Monday morning, but there’s enough data to make an accurate prediction at this point and analysts have pegged Infinity War at $250 million domestically and $380 million overseas, combining for a global haul of $630 million. Yes, $630 million in just its opening weekend.

Impressed? You should be, as it’s now set almost every imaginable record, including the much coveted biggest domestic opening ever, which was previously held by The Force Awakens‘ $247.9 million. Circling back to that global total, though, and that too is a new record, completely smoking The Fate of the Furious‘ $543 million.

Not to mention that the MCU as a whole is now sitting at a whopping $15.39 billion, while Black Panther also clawed its way past The Last Jedi this weekend to take the number nine spot on the “all-time global charts with an estimated cume of $1,333.1M.”

Though a handful of critics took issue with Avengers: Infinity War‘s massive scope and CG villains – the Black Order, in particular, looked as though they walked out of a flashy cinematic for World of Warcraft – the overriding consensus is one of positivity, with particular praise being directed to the Russo Brothers for pulling off such an incredible feat. And that’s now translated into the box office numbers, which are truly staggering and promise a very, very successful theatrical run for the film.

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