Looks Like Infinity War’s Mystery Villain Has Been Identified


Call off the search and remove those tin-foil hats; for Infinity War‘s mystery villain has been identified.

This past weekend, some new promo art for Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers sequel appeared to reveal a brand new villain, who would presumably be aiding Thanos in his quest to collect the six Infinity Stones. It appears that is indeed the case, but this alien parasite doesn’t seem to be a member of the Black Order; nor is it in any way related to Marvel’s Mad Titan.

Instead, what we have here is an Outrider, which hails from a race of genetically engineered humanoid creatures with six arms and a mean attitude. In fact, those same creatures can be seen charging into the Battle of Wakanda during Infinity War‘s inaugural teaser, which showed Captain America (Nomad?), Black Widow, Hulk, Falcon, War Machine and the fresh-faced Bucky Barnes battling Thanos’ minions alongside their Wakanda allies. Feast thy eyes:

Because this particular Outrider features so prominently in the Avengers: Infinity War promo art – promo art that found its way online via The Geek Power (h/t CBM) – we’re inclined to believe that it’s some form of high-ranking officer that bends to the will of Thanos and his Black Order. The alien deputy to Marvel’s all-powerful sheriff, if you will.

Failing that, it’s always possible that this unnamed baddie is simply a particularly large brute that stands head and shoulders above his counterparts. One way or another, Cap and Co. will have to pack some serious heat if they’re to fend off the oncoming swarm.

And it’ll all begin when Avengers: Infinity War scurries into theaters on May 4th.